Zoom, 2020.

Made in Google Earth Pro and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Stemming from simultaneous feelings of both frustration and creativity, 'Zoom' was created as a response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the various states of lockdown that have been experienced by much of the global population. The work’s title refers to both the “zoom” action that is used within the work and to the new way that we virtually interact through the video communications app of the same name. 

The work begins with the “blue marble” Earth as seen from space, before transporting viewers to three consecutive locations: Edinburgh Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle and Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The three locations represent an area of my artistic research in which the theme of castles plays a wider role whilst also functioning as a collection of romanticised memories, for they are all locations that I have previously visited. This is especially true in the case of Edinburgh castle which I was used to seeing everyday from Edinburgh College of Art’s studio windows but that I am now left to virtually imagine through satellite imagery. 
'Zoom' is an extension of the artworks that made up my degree show portfolio as it continues a focus on the motif of the castle and the idea of a cultural “disneyfication”. 'Zoom' visualises the concept of a cultural “disneyfication” through a progression of architecture that moves from the medieval-Victorian hybridity of Edinburgh Castle, to the mock-medieval style of Neuschwanstein Castle and finally, the synthetic twofold of the Disney Castle, originally designed as an imitation of Neuschwanstein’s romantic reproduction.
Circa Class of 2020
Circa 'Class of 2020' screening, Piccadilly Lights, London, 9th August 2020.
Zoom was part of Circa's 'Class of 2020' project. Circa disrupts the adverts on the Piccadilly Lights for two minutes every day at 20:20 BST/GMT, with new ideas that considers the world circa 2020. Circa's 'Class of 2020' celebrated the work of art graduates who were denied Degree Shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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