Castle Dark Space
For my degree show, I had planned to created a 'Castle Dark Space' that would house a three-channel video work. The dark space would be created to look like a castle turret and would be made out of old, wooden studio dividers.

When the degree show was cancelled, I had to demonstrate how I would create the 'Castle Dark Space' through research and proposal drawings.

This page shows the evolution of those drawings - from freehand sketches, to annotated drawings, maquettes, 3D renders and finally, recent explorations into AutoCAD software.

Castle Dark Space photoshop model, 2020.

Mock-up of dark space, made in Adobe Photoshop with photos of studio dividers.

Studio E.06 photoshop sketch, 2020.

Mock-up of Studio E.06, made in Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Degree Show, 2020

Computer-generated imagining of my proposed degree show. Made in Blender and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.  

Floor plan for Studio E.06, 2021

Made in AutoCAD. 

Dimensions for Castle Dark Space, 2021

Made in AutoCAD. 

Cottage Dark Space
The idea for 'Castle Dark Space' had stemmed from an earlier proposal that I had produced for an exhibition opportunity at the Tent Gallery, Edinburgh.
'Cottage Dark Space' is a wooden dark space, made to look like a fairy tale cottage. Proposal drawings for 'Cottage Dark Space' can be seen below.
Laser-cutting files for Cottage Dark Space model, 2019. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Cottage Dark Space Model, 2019.

Wood and brush hairs.

Tent Gallery Mock-up, 2019.

Imagining of proposed exhibition space. Made in Photoshop.

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