Digital Degree Show, 2020
Computer-generated imagining of my proposed degree show. Made in Blender and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.  ​​​​​​​
Due to COVID-19, my degree show, due to take place in June 2020, was sadly cancelled. To compensate for the lack of a physical show, I created a 'Digital Degree Show' which imagined my proposed degree show though computer-generated imagery. I replicated the studio space that I had hoped to present my work in, including the view of Edinburgh Castle that could be seen from the studio windows. I then added in my work - some of which I had originally intended to show and some that had to be made/redesigned due to the new circumstances.
A more detailed breakdown of the included artworks can been seen below and the plans for the creation of 'Digital Degree Show' can be viewed via the Drafting and Model Making​​​​​​​ section of this website.

Digital Degree Show - Stills
Text Pieces
Three text pieces were included in 'Digital Degree Show', each in a different medium. Digital mock-ups of the pieces were created to give the impression of what the physical pieces would have looked like.

Post-Disney Definition, 2020

Digital mock-up for laser-cut wooden plaque. Made in Adobe Photoshop.

Do not draw the castle, 2020.

Digital mock-up for warning sign. Made in Adobe Photoshop.

I will not draw the castle, 2020.

Digital mock-up for letterpress print. Made in Adobe Photoshop.

Painted Postcards
Oil on postcards.

A series of painted postcards that were included in 'Digital Degree Show' and that replicated imagery from the unfinished digital video 'Post-Disney'.

  Filtered NG 2881 (Post-Disney still), 2020

Oil on postcard, 14 x 14 cm.

   Filtered NG 2751 (Post-Disney still), 2020

Oil on postcard, 10.2 x 15.3 cm.

  Filtered NGL 065.46 (Post-Disney still), 2020

Oil on postcard, 10.1 x 15.2 cm.

  Filtered NG 2171 (Post-Disney still), 2020

Oil on postcard, 15.3 x 10.2 cm.

Synthetic hair and cable ties, 12m. 

Computer-generated imagining of 'Fairy-tail' as seen in 'Digital Degree Show'.

Reference image for 'Digital Degree Show' - 'Fairy-tail' displayed on a wooden shelf, attached to the studio wall with brackets and a metal chain.

Fairy-tail, 2020

Exhibition view, 'buffering…', Edinburgh College of Art, 2020.

Post-Disney - Degree Show Catalogue

To accompany my online degree show, I produced a digital catalogue that included information on each work, as well as stills from 'Digital Degree Show' and a floor plan of the exhibition. The catalogue was created in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, and can be downloaded as a PDF via the Catalogues section of this website.

Post-Disney - Degree Show Catalogue (cover), 2020

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